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What Level Am I?

Basic (Level 1)

If you have never studied Spanish before, then you are a true beginner and need to begin with Level 1.  If you studied Spanish in high school and/or college, but it's been awhile, you probably want to start with Level 1.  In Level 1 you will learn A LOT of basic vocabulary such as greetings, numbers, colors, family, useful expressions, days of the week, months of the year, and weather.  You will also learn the correct pronunciation of the Spanish alphabet, which is REALLY important if you want to be understood.


Beginner (Level 2)

If you have taken Spanish within the past few years or you feel comfortable with the basics listed for Level 1, then you should begin with Level 2.  In Level 2 we begin with present tense conjugation.  So, if you know a lot of nouns, but have trouble with verbs, then this is the class for you!  You will learn:


-Regular present tense verbs

-Subject pronouns

-Interrogatives (ex. Who? What? When?)

-Boot verbs (stem changing)

-Conjunctions (ex. and, or, but)

-Singular/plural nouns


Intermediate (Level 3)




If you are comfortable using the present tense, but you're not so great at talking about the past, then this is the class for you!  In Level 3 you will continue with more present-tense verbs and begin learning past-tense verbs.  Below is a list of topics covered in Level 3:


-Irregular present-tense verbs

-Ser and Estar

-Indefinite articles (ex. a, some)


-Regular past-tense verbs

-Prepositions (ex. at, with, after)

-Past-tense boot verbs

-Direct-object pronouns

-The personal "A"

-Expressions with "Tener"


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