1. Who can attend enrichment classes?

Only students who attend the school where the class is taught may attend enrichment classes.  But we offer classes at our center in Pelham that are open to anyone.  We welcome homeschoolers!

2. Will I get a refund if my child misses class?

No, you will not.

3. If the school dismisses early due to inclement weather, will there still be enrichment classes?

No, when the school is closed we cannot have classes.

4. Will I receive a refund if classes are canceled due to inclement weather?

No, but we will offer a credit for the next semester your child takes a class.

5. What is your behavior policy?

We love teaching Spanish to children!  But when students are disruptive, the whole class suffers.  So, we have a 3 Strikes policy at iSpeak.

After the first offense, the teacher will speak directly with the child to resolve the issue. If the problem continues, the teacher will contact the parent to help resolve the issue. If the problem still exists after involving the parent, the child will be asked to leave the class.

6. Will I receive a refund if my child is asked to leave the class due to behavioral issues?

No, you will not.

7. Will I receive a refund if the class is cancelled by the teacher?

No, you will not.  Typically, when a teacher cancels a class due to illness or an unforeseen absence, we will try to make up the time by adding 15 minutes to the following 4 classes.  If this is not an option, we will offer a credit for the next semester your child takes a class.

8. Why do you need my cell phone number?

Sometimes the teacher may need to cancel class on the day of class due to an emergency.  If this happens, we will contact you by text to let you know that your child should go home by their normal mode of transportation.  You will need to confirm with the school.

9. What happens if my child wants to drop the class?  Will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no.  Our classes are limited in size and we count on the number of enrolled students at the beginning of the semester to determine whether we have enough students for the class to make or not.  When we meet our minimum (5 students) quota for a class, we are counting on all of those students to help cover the costs of the teacher and the facility fee.