Spanish Immersion Preschool Program

Spanish Immersion Preschool, Birmingham, AL

iSpeak Preschool is Birmingham's first Spanish immersion preschool program, dedicated to preparing young children for their future as global citizens.  We believe in providing the highest quality of education to children ages 3-5, while also giving them the opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun environment!  

iSpeak's innovative Spanish immersion preschool curriculum and Montessori-inspired teaching approach allows children to learn Spanish in a natural setting, similar to the way they acquired their first language.  Students are enticed to speak in Spanish as they explore an activity or work on a new project.  

In an immersion Spanish class, Spanish is not the content, but the vehicle of instruction.  Our preschool class is just like any other typical preschool class.  We have circle time, songs, storytime, arts & crafts, and imaginative play.  The difference is that all of the content is taught in Spanish.

All of our classes are designed to be engaging and effective. We think the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it and having fun!

Unfortunately, we did not meet our enrollment minimum by our deadline this year.  However, if you are interested in our program for the future, please complete the form below and we will notify you when another class forms.

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Did you know that kids learn a second language just like they do their first language--through play?!  At iSpeak, we work hard and play harder...


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    Benefits of Language Learning

Why should young children learn a second language?  There are SO many benefits! 

Click here to read some of the benefits from research studies.

Research shows that bilingual workers earn, on average, between 5% and 20% more than their monolingual co-workers.
Spanish preschool program