Daycare/MDO Program Rates

We believe our preschool programs are vitally important for our community.  One of our primary goals at iSpeak is to educate parents about the benefits of language learning at a young age.

As a local preschool program, you want to remain competitive.  More and more daycare and preschool programs are realizing the tremendous benefits of early language learning and are taking steps to include language as part of their program.  This makes your parents very happy too!

Partnering with iSpeak is simple!  Our programs are designed so that we do all of the work.  iSpeak will provide a teacher that will travel to your facility to teach weekly.  We will provide our own teaching materials and leave a take-home sheet for parents recapping what was taught during each class.  Email us to see a sample take-home sheet.
We offer two programs:

                                                 Spanish for Tots
                                                 -meets as part of the school week for all students 
                                                 -meets 30 minutes per week
                                                 -caregivers stay with children and learn too
                                                 -classes as low as $3.50/child
                                                 -that's only $14/month

                                                 Spanish for Tots Enrichment 
                                                 -a pull-out program either during the day or after school hours 
                                                 -meets 45 minutes per week
                                                 -10 child cap per class
                                                 -$50 monthly per child
                                                 -10% sibling discount

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